How lovely is it when a letter from a friend or family member arrives in the post? The unique handwriting, the stamp individual to each country, and the neat, franked envelope containing news from afar. One of life’s simple pleasures and wildly more interesting than the usual bills or dull letters about student loans repayments or tax deadlines.

And even though I enjoy emailing friends it’s NOT the same as a handwritten letter from a friend – I’d take the latter any day, not least because handwritten letters are getting ever rarer.

I really do believe them to be an art so, on a recent trip to London, I was delighted to catch the last day of an exhibition marking the 175th anniversary of the Penny Black, the world’s first postage stamp. For Pushing the Envelope, at House of Illustration near King’s Cross, illustrators and artists were invited to send their own enbellished envelopes. The varied collection was fantastic and a reminder that, even in the age of digital communication, blank envelopes and the promise of post remain full of imaginative potential.