I received some lovely correspondence this month. A recent housesitter at the cabin in Sicily where I stayed in 2013 – and which features in my book Show Me Colour – contacted me to tell me he’d discovered the book during his stay, and was surprised to read about the very place he was staying! (I had posted a copy to the owner of the house after I published it).

I will leave out the name, but the email reads:
Hi Rosalind,I found your E-mail address on your book”Show me colour”.I am in Sicily, in a little house in the middle of nowhere,doing housesitting and I found this book in the old “library “of the house. You’ve been here I read,do you remember? Vittorio’s?The chimney that was leaking, Lupo (the dog), the neighboors Thomas ecc
I did all winter here alone and Is not finished yet…
So I doubled Understood  what you wrote about this place.
I just found nice write to you, because Is pretty strange, I mean, to read something that I’m living now in a book!
I am also really sorry for Andrew,I got inside the book totally so it ‘s been very strong even for me as  reader.
Scusa per il bad english, I’m still learning..
Hope You’re good Rosalind, you write so well, deep and clear..Buona vita

What a delightful email to get! Since I published Show Me Colour it’s been heartening to picture it being read in different parts of the world. And as any writer will tell you, when a thoughtful reader puts pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to get in touch and give some feedback, it is hugely appreciated 🙂