A fun job I have is editing Thelma (the Living Memory Association magazine), partly because there is such a choice of material to use: people’s colourful stories, the vast photo archive, and plenty of objects which can make for good images. New objects and photos come in all the time so the choice is always increasing.

The next issue is about memories of going out in Edinburgh. When I start designing and editing the magazine there are usually a few set ideas, contributed articles and so on, ready to be added in. But it’s often the case that something will come up along the way and just happen to fit in nicely.

And recently there have been two happy coincidences.
Firstly, a visitor called George came in one Saturday afternoon with a selection of photos for our archive. I recorded some of George’s memories too. He grew up in Leith and remembers his father coming home from the Navy and singing sea shanties, being sent to Newhaven for herring, and working as a butcher boy and travelling to Pilton on the butcher bike. He is a double bass player – he played at his recent 80th birthday – and many years ago performed with a band in and around Leith. And you can read more about that in the next magazine!
Secondly, a donation of theatre programmes recently arrived. I love the ads in these Gaiety Theatre programmes and the stylish artwork.

The next issue of Thelma will be available from mid-July. There are just a few copies left of the current anniversary issue (below) so grab one while you can! Available from the Little Shop of Memory, Ocean Terminal.