When not doing paid freelance work, I enjoy creative writing for pleasure/a different kind of challenge and recently self-published a narrative non-fiction book.

Show Me Colour: Notes on love, loss, grief and renewal is about a sudden bereavement, grief and learning to live life again.

It is:
A personal, starkly honest account of what happens when your world is shattered in an instant, of trying to put the pieces back together again, realising many don’t fit (how could they now?) and deciding to try a new path.

A look at grief in our culture, and how little it is discussed. I remember in the early days looking for books about people who had lost their partner suddenly, and only finding two, which were an enormous help. But two, out of the millions of books available? I thought this was incredible.

A lyrical tribute to a person much missed, to embracing life, to family and friends who were so caring and supportive.

It is not:
A practical handbook with advice about grief, but rather one person’s honest account of what happens when life changes in an instant. Nor is it wholly bleak – because by facing death and exploring loss and grief, we learn to live life more deeply and fully.

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I wrote the book in the hope it will be a help to anyone going through a similar experience. But I hope, too, that any curious reader will find it an engaging insight into grief and enjoy the spirited account of living life again on a trip through Italy.

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