**Update, June 2018** This is happening! And it’ll be worth coming along to! See newest blog post, and more on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

As you may know I am a huge fan of paper and print and that feeling of holding an actual book in your hands. I also create my own publications (writing, editing, designing, typesetting…everything up until the file is sent to be printed at the brilliant Ex Why Zed printer shop).

I’m sure there are many other people doing similar DIY publications at home (or maybe in a studio space) so I thought it would be fun to organise something to connect like-minded people, celebrate creativity and print, and give people a chance to discover new publications they might not otherwise know about. And what better way to find a new book or zine than by being able to leaf through it and get a feel for it, rather than view it on screen in an online shop?

The Indie Book & Zine Fair will take place in Edinburgh this summer and I’m looking for people to get involved. The event will feature DIY print publications; that is indie books, animated zines, poetry pamphlets etc – tangible items that are created (and possibly printed) at home. Also perhaps some connected items, such as these postcards that accompany my book Build A Fire and are a handy illustration for this blog post 🙂

If you, or anyone you know, would be interested in taking part/connecting/supporting this fair, please get in touch! Facebook page: Indie Book & Zine Fair Edinburgh / Twitter: @tangible_books / Instagram: a_curious_scot .

Thank you