Most Wednesdays I run a writing group called Shut Up and Write!
It’s exactly as the title suggests; we meet and write in silence for one hour.
Except it’s not totally silent, since we meet in a busy coffee shop where there’s background chat and music, but I usually find it easier to relax and be productive in a buzzy environment than somewhere very quiet and studious, e.g a library.

Most people who come along agree that there’s a real advantage to writing in this communal way. It can be hard to put your finger on exactly why, but it makes sense when you try it!
I suppose there is a supportive balance between having the space to express yourself on paper (or laptop) but in the company of fellow scribes. Most people come with an idea or project in mind, but it can be fun starting something new or unplanned and seeing what materialises in 60 minutes.

So many possibilities...

So many possibilities…

I also like our chats before the writing hour begins, and the mix of people. It’s quite an international group; people working, studying, or just visiting here or a few weeks or months, from other parts of the UK, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, the USA and Canada.

Recently the group was talking about learning other languages and one member showed us a poem, The Chaos, which demonstrates the idiosyncrasies of the English language.
Try reading it aloud, it’s hard!!