I produce publications for charities – either on a specific subject, or with a wider scope, for example celebrating an anniversary year.

In summer 2016 I designed and edited a booklet about memories of Gala Days in West Lothian, for the Living Memory Association and West Lothian Council.
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I recently produced a 30-page book for charity North Edinburgh Dementia Care, based at the Seagrove Centre, who celebrated 25 years in autumn 2015. The charity started out as a weekly group in a church hall in Leith, run by a handful of volunteers. These days around 18 people attend every day, six days a week.

This project involved interviewing staff and volunteers, past and present, sourcing photos, doing the layout and editing. Trying to find people involved at the beginnings of the charity, a quarter of a century ago, involved a bit of detective work – but I like that kind of challenge!

In 2016 I worked on another project with North Edinburgh Dementia Care, producing Life Story Books. This involved reminiscence sessions, transcribing the interviews and designing the books.

I also wrote a history of Edinburgh charity, The Action Group, celebrating 40 years in 2016. It’s grown from a small group of campaigning parents, seeking out better services for, and treatment of, people with learning disabilities, to a large organisation employing hundreds of people across Edinburgh and the Lothians and offering several key services such as supported employment.

Have an anniversary coming up at your charity or organisation, or are you interested in a publication on a specific theme?

Get in touch here! I am happy to meet up for a no-obligation chat about ideas, publication options, my rates and so on.