I’m excited to tell you that my second book is out!

What’s the book? Build A Fire is a collection of snapshots, in words and photos, of a trip from Maine to Miami.

What’s it about? It features observations, brief encounters, adventures, mundanities and day-to-day delights, all experienced while I was on the road in autumn 2015.
Plus more than 50 colour photos (all real snapshots, no filters) most of them showing moments and places quite a bit off the tourist trail. There’s no Statue of Liberty here, but there are chubby corgis in a front garden, a Canadian Elvis Presley, and some wise advice from Sonny Crockett. And quite a few photos with signs too, because I’m drawn to lettering and fonts, and the stories behind them. There’s always a story!

Facts and figures:  A5 landscape paperback, printed on 120gsm uncoated paper (300gsm cover), 88 pages. Nine stories and 55 photos, from eight US locations (New York, Boston, Maine, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Charleston, Virginia, Miami) and Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side). Price: £10.00. ISBN:978-0-9931142-1-2

Is it for me? If you are a fan of zines and DIY publishing; if you liked my first book, Show Me Colour; if you are a traveller or simply enjoy reading about new places or perusing colourful/offbeat stories and images; if you appreciate small pleasures and oddities in life…. then you might just like Build A Fire.

Copies are available to buy in the shop and at new Edinburgh bookshop Typewronger Books, 4a Haddington Place, EH7 4AE.