A satisfying aspect of my job is starting with the seed of an idea and getting to the completion stage – and it’s satisfying not just for me, but for clients too.

A recent project involved producing a book containing recipes, poems and songs. These had been handed down by my client’s mother – songs had been sung and poems recited in childhood; recipes existed on various pieces of paper – and he had been meaning to create a book, as a lasting record of this lovely collection and to give to family and friends for Christmas.

The content was all there, but there are a few stages to go through before a book is ready to print. Designing an attractive layout, cleaning up typos, adding in images and details such as a contents page, formatting and typesetting, proofreading, to name but a few!

And this is where I come in. After an initial meeting and several ‘check-in’ chats as the project progressed, I designed a publication to order, in time for it to be printed up for Christmas.

It was enjoyable working on this. I love the thought of traditional recipes such as Black Bun and Apple Fool being handed down, and there are some great stories, songs and poems in there, from Scotland and beyond. Plus, it’s nice to think these special memories are bound together, in one place, for this and future generations to see.

If you have family recipes or stories you’ve been meaning to put together as a publication, please get in touch. I could be the required link between just thinking about it, and having a book to cherish. Along with that afore-mentioned satisfying feeling that comes with a completed project!